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How to Set Up Your Spin Bike


Protect your muscles and joints.

Before you even saddle-up for your first ride, it's crucial that you take the time to properly adjust your bike - your knees and back will thank you!

The good news is that setting up your spin bike can be achieved in just five simple steps.

Find the Right Seat Height

Stand next to your bike and adjust the seat to be level with your hips.

Test Seat Height

Get in the saddle and assess for a slight bend in your knee when the leg is fully extended in the downmost pedal position.

Readjust Seat Height

Based on assessment in Step 2, make the appropriate fine-tuned adjustments to seat height.

Adjust Seat Forward/Backward

You want your kneecap to be aligned with the ball of your foot when in the downmost pedal position.

Adjust Handlebar Position

Aim for the handlebars to be level with the saddle height and allow for a slight bend in the elbows when seated in the saddle.


Set up your spin bike in 5 quick steps.